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It doesn’t matter what the issue or how critical finding  a solution is, unless those responsible for solving the problem are willing to talk to each other, nothing will happen. No problem or issue will be resolved.” (Doug Goodman, Founder & Executive Director, Nevadans for Election Reform)

Nevadans for Election Reform is a coalition of voters and citizens of all political persuasions; Democratic, Republican, Non-Partisan, Independent American, Libertarian, Green, or another party who are concerned about our broken political system, where our elected representatives are more focused on the needs of their political party and special interests than on the interests of their constituents. We believe if we are to have voices in Carson City and Washington D.C. that accurately reflects our beliefs and needs, systemic reform is necessary. Only then will the power return to us.

Our sole goal at Nevadans for Election Reform is to pass reforms to our voting system that ensure all of our elections, from city council to county commission, from the state legislature to the U.S. Congress, truly represent us. All elections need to be open, fair, and convenient to participate in. That’s why our motto is All Voters – All Elections.

We will make our elections more fair and our elected representatives more accountable to us through a combination of proven solutions that will give us a greater choice and greater voice:

  • Institute Ranked Choice Voting to ensure all elected representatives receive either a clear majority or a much broader plurality of support from their constituents and voters aren’t forced to vote for “the lesser of two evils” or risk acting as a “spoiler” by voting their conscience. To learn more about ranked choice voting watch the video by clicking on the Greater Choice-Greater Voice or FAQ (what is ranked choice voting) tab.

  • Lower the threshold for minor political parties to appear on the general election ballot from 1.0% to 0.5% support of voters who participated in the last election for the House of Representatives or registered to vote as a member of that particular party. The threshold for independent candidates for partisan office will also be lowered to 0.5% of voters who last voted for the particular office when filing their petition of candidacy.

  • Eliminate publicly financed primaries saving taxpayers $3 – 4 million each election cycle while not infringing on political parties’ First Amendment right of association and simultaneously maintaining the ability of independents to run in the general election.

    These reforms can be instituted by passing the Greater Choice – Greater Voice initiative. But the only way we will be successful is by everyone, regardless of political affiliation, coming together to ensure that we, not special interests are the power behind our governing institutions.

To become part of the solution, volunteer here. Click on the “DONATE” button at the bottom of any page or send a check to the address listed here. For information about Nevadans for Election Reform visit our “About” page and for information about the Greater Choice – Greater Voice initiative visit the “Greater Choice – Greater Voice Initiative” page.