Where is Ranked Choice Voting Used

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The process is used in six states, over one dozen cities, and by many organizations and universities. Roberts Rules of Order, the leading guide for parliamentary procedures, includes the use of ranked choice voting. Even the OSCARS are chosen using the process of ranking.

The use of Ranked Choice Voting goes back to the early 1900’s. The longest continued use is in Cambridge, MA (1939).

Ranked Choice Voting is gaining in popularity. In addition to the list linked below, the Utah and New York legislatures have passed measures allowing cities to implement ranked choice voting and efforts are underway in Massachusetts, Colorado, Virginia, and Nevada to have ranked choice voting adopted state-wide. UPDATE: In January 2019 the Wyoming and Indiana legislatures are also considering an RCV bills.

This list may not be up to date simply because the discussion to implement ranked choice voting is on-going. The list is here.