Greater Choice – Greater Voice Initiative

It doesn’t matter what the issue or how critical finding  a solution is, unless those responsible for solving the problem are willing to talk to each other, nothing will happen. No problem or issue will be resolved. In our current hyper-partisan political environment lawmakers are encouraged and rewarded to maintain the divisiveness, driving voters away and preventing good governance from taking place.

Implement a process where:

  • The first priority for candidates and elected officials must be their constituents, not their political party or special interes

  • Lawmakers are rewarded for talking to each other, collaborating and reaching consensus to solve problems. 

  • All voters can have a real choice and know their voice will be heard

  • Political parties’ First Amendment right of association is maintained

  • The spoiler effect is eliminated. You can vote your conscience rather than the lessor of two evils

  • Negative campaigning is reduced and collaborative legislating takes place

  • $3 – $4 million tax dollars are saved every election cycle

    The Greater Choice – Greater Voice initiative is the way we will implement this solution to the problem that is dividing our nation, our state, our counties, and our cities. By replacing Nevada’s publicly funded closed partisan primaries with a single election held in November using Ranked Choice Voting, the Greater Choice – Greater Voice initiative will:

  • Require candidates reach out to all voters not just a narrow partisan base reducing negative campaigning

  • Provide voters a greater choice as all candidates of all parties and independents are vying for votes

  • Provide voters greater information as all candidates become viable

  • Allow elected officials to collaborate on solutions without the fear of upsetting their party’s narrow base and being “primaried”

  • Eliminate the unfair use of tax dollars by ending publicly funded closed partisan primary elections where nearly one-third of voters are blocked from voting even though their tax dollars are paying for the election while not infringing on political parties’ First Amendment right of association and simultaneously maintain the ability of independents to run in the general election.

    To learn how ranked choice voting works watch this video


    If you are among the growing number of voters frustrated with the partisanship infecting our political process, believe your vote doesn’t matter, that you don’t have any real choice of candidates, YOU are part of the solution. Click here to add your voice to Nevadans for Election Reform. Volunteer NOW. Donate by clicking on the “Donate” button on the bottom of this page or send a check to the address listed here so voters in Nevada can have a greater choice and a greater voice in their government.

NOTE: When finalized, the text of the Greater Choice – Greater Voice initiative will appear here. Expect sometime mid to late 2018.